About Me

A little about me...hmmm....

Bears fan since I am not sure when.  Caps fan (being honest here) since Hershey became their affiliate in 05-06.  Prior to that I liked many teams but didn't have a true favorite.  Always a big fan of Jeremy Roenick and mostly followed whatever team he was on including the Flyers...and yes it even makes me sick to say that.

I am a Bears season ticket holder since...2010-11.  If you want to talk hockey at a game and am curious where I sit, let me know and I will possibly share the location with you (depending of course on how creepy you sound).

I started this blog in December of 2007, after learning what blogging was, because I wanted to follow the Bears a little better.  And it has definitely helped.  I feel like I know anything there is to know about this team and as many of you have found out...I don't mind sharing what I "think" I know.  I look forward to the NHL draft and the Caps prospect camp every year and the start of Caps training camp and then practice in Hershey is a great time of the year.

Elswhere...I love football (PSU, Eagles) and college basketball (Villanova).  Not so much love for the NBA as I believe I have watched maybe 15 solid minutes over the last 10 years.  Will watch baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, and lacrosse if there is nothing else on.  I currently play hockey (of the roller variety) at the Susquehanna Sportscenter in Lemoyne.

A little more personal...father of 2, husband, dog-owner/lover (2 huskies), originally from the area and now live in Etters (northern York county for those that have never heard of it). 

And just because she will want this known...the wife handles much of the Facebook updating so most times you have her to thank for the updates on there.  Generally if you ever see pictures from games on this site it is thanks to her as well.

Anything else you want to know....send me an email and I may or may not tell you.

Thanks for reading!  Tell your friends.