Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Luck FREDDIE!!!

Freddie Cassivi signed a contract to play for the Sinupret Ice Tigers in Germany next season.

This is not a surprise as there is just no space on the roster for Freddie any longer.

Michal Neuvirth and Simeon Varlamov are 2 good young goalies that are ready to play professionally in North America. And they will get their chance this season.

On top of that Daren Machesney is still under contract, so the odd man out was Freddie.

Freddie has been great to the Bears and Hershey throughout his career and I wish him all the luck in Germany and I hope you have an incredible season next year.

This video was created as a tribute to Freddie by someone. Check it out. I couldn't have done it any better myself.


verb said...

Freddie! Freddie! Freddie! Good luck Freddie, you're the man! Germany is lucky to have you and go kick some ass!

Anonymous said...


Best of Luck to you Freddie --- you're the best! I might have to plan a trip to Germany so I can see you play at least one more time! THE FANS WILL LOVE YOU JUST AS MUCH AS ALL OF HERSHEY DOES!

Anonymous said...

I wish you the BEST of luck in Germany! Hershey won't be the same without you! I'll be keeping tabs on you, we are really going to miss you!!