Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Note to Fans in Hershey (and elsewhere too)

I have sat around some knowledgeable fans over the years but unfortunately the past few games are not included in that list. I am all for everyone coming out to the games...I would to see sell outs every game....but let me explain something to you....


Yelling shoot is ridiculous. Sure you pay for your ticket so you can yell what you want and boo if you want. But realize that it isn't always the answer.

Times You Should NOT Shoot:

  • When there is no one in front of the goalie. It is VERY RARE when a guy will score on a slapshot with no one between the shooter and goalie. Sure it happens but if you have other options (even if you have to wait) it is better to take them.
  • When a guy is standing about 5 feet in front of the shooter. Why shoot from the point into the leg of a defenseman? Then they get the puck. Pass it around and wait for someone to come open.
  • From the point on the power play. I do not want to see point shots all the time. Yes Kronwall and Bourque can absolutely rip it BUT goals come when the puck is moving from side to side and open shots are made. I would say at least 15 of Giroux's goals this season came on passes from circle to circle from Aucoin....NOT from point shots. Shooting from the point can work but more often than not the puck gets blocked and cleared. I would rather see passing around the outside looking for that perfect shot then guys just shooting to do so.


Dave said...

Amen! Even my 14 year old daughter has been perplexed by "idiot" fans who seem to have left their Stanley Cup rings at home. Or at least that's the best we can come up with, based on the amount of "coaching" they attempt to do from the stands!

verb said...

and let me add one thing to the coaches sitting in the seats...Please don't yell at Alex Giroux for missing the net one time. The guy scored 60 goals this year for a reason...Forgive him for missing one!

GM said...

Dave - you are absolutely is so frustrating to sit near fans who have no idea what is actually going on.

Verb - I actually heard someone say Aucoin sucks and he should sit on the bench....WHAT? How is that even possible!