Monday, February 1, 2010

Only 6 goals?? What happened?

Hershey won their 8th straight game last night 6-1 at home against bottom dwelling Binghamton. It was the first time in 5 games that Hershey scored less than 8 what happened?

Ok, obviously I am kidding. There is nothing wrong. Hershey has won 20 of their last 21 and has scored an obscene 59 goals in their last 8 games, all wins. That equals out to about 7.4 goals per game. 7 GOALS PER GAME!! Are you kidding?

The offensive force of this team is incredible. Looking for you go:
  • Keith Aucoin had more points (35) in January than 9 AHL teams leading scorers have all season.
  • Hershey occupies 11 of the top 16 spots in plus/minus.
  • Hershey has averaged 4.40 goals per game this season, 2nd place Hamilton...3.28.
  • Aucoin and Giroux have 16 game point streaks going and have combined for 72 points in that span.
How do you possibly compete with this offense? Well, most teams haven't been able to. I am guessing that the top competition to the Bears are just waiting for the team to slow down a little bit.

I mean no team can continue this stretch for too long...can they?

I don't know about that but this team is absolutely clicking on all cylinders right now. Hopefully, if they do stumble they do it over the next 2 months and not in the playoffs. Watching a team dominate this much during the season is obviously going to be favored to win in the playoffs which means EVERY team in the league will be looking to knock off the champs.

This week is a slightly slower week for Hershey after last weeks 4 in 5. A trip to Norfolk, the place Hershey last lost 3 weeks ago 4-3 (their only loss since 12/5), and then a visit from Wilkes Barre Scranton on Saturday before a 5 day layoff between games.

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