Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trade Deadline Thoughts

So the NHL trade deadline passed earlier this afternoon and the Capitals were one of the more active teams in the league. But while active it was still quiet as no big name players were on the move.

What did the Caps do?
  • Received RW Scott Walker from Carolina for a 2010 7th round pick.
  • Received C Eric Belanger from Minnesota for a 2010 2nd round pick.
  • Received D Milan Jurcina from Columbus for a 2010 6th round pick.
  • Received D Joe Corvo from Carolina for a 2011 2nd round pick, D Brian Pothier, and LW Oskar Osala.
I am not sure the years of all those picks is correct as I think a couple are conditional and depend on different outcomes.

Either way the Caps gave up 4 picks, Oskar, and Pothier for 4 players. Not too bad honestly.

Personally I think they did the best they could but I don't think they upgraded all that much. Walker and Belanger will surely help the penalty kill and defensive end play but they are limited in what they can achieve.

Jurcina was already traded from Washington this year and I think it speaks volumes on the quality of player available at the deadline that they brought him back. Sure he is solid but lets face it he is at best a 5/6 defenseman on a team with plenty of those types.

Corvo is solid but is he a top 4 defenseman like they needed? I don't know about that. I would say he could be a top 4 guy but barely. And is he really better than Alzner or Carlson...not sure. I think they now have 8 defenseman with only 1 that could truly be considered a top 2 guy (Mike Green) and 7 that are more 4-6 guys.

Now I say that but considering what was available I don't think they did badly.

I was emailed for my opinion earlier about how this will effect the Bears going forward and I think it is going to be more than some people think.

Immediately it will help the Bears.

1. The Caps now have 15 forwards so Quintin Laing could be headed back to Hershey for the stretch run and playoffs. Not to bad.
2. With 8 defensemen on the roster I don't think Alzner or Carlson will be headed to Washington for any considerable amount of time barring injury.

But in the future I think it will hurt the Bears. While 2nd round picks are rarely consistent NHL stars they are regularly AHL guys (Bourque and Bouchard were both 2nd rounders) who could bring a couple years worth of value to Hershey. And 6th/7th round guys are many times AHL lifers who contribute immensely. (Kyle Wilson was round 9, Perreault - round 6, Gordon - round 7, Giroux - round 7)

All those picks WILL be missed. Maybe not in the next 2-4 years but eventually the cupboards will thin out. One year is okay but the Caps can't turn around next year and do something similar.

Overall I would say the Caps did okay at the deadline. Nothing that stands out but I think what they did will help come playoff time.

How much it will effect Hershey is yet to be determined and won't be for years to come but I do think at some point there will be one.

All in all it could have been worse for Hershey. The roster remains relatively unchanged and might actually get better in the coming weeks.

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