Monday, June 14, 2010

That's 11!!!


Wow...what a game, what an atmosphere!!

11,002 fans in the building tonight and it sure sounded like it. I have never heard that building that loud and I have seen musical acts in there too!

Earlier today I was talking to my dad and I said it would be 3-0 after 1 period and I wasn't far off. In 05-06 and in 08-09 they jumped out to big leads and took much of the suspense away.

Thankfully they did that again tonight. Not sure how many of us would have liked seeing a close game. It was perfect just how it was.

4 goals...all by defensemen (Alzner, Carlson and 2 for McNeill)! Neuvirth was amazing yet again making 22 saves and earning his FIRST shutout of the postseason in the biggest game of the postseason!

Without question that was the most dominating performance of the postseason for the Bears. From the opening faceoff they controlled the play and honestly the outcome was rarely in question. In the first period alone Hershey outshot the Texas Stars 17-4!

This was the same team on the same ice that 9 days ago couldn't get 3 shots in the first period of game 1!!

I would challenge anyone to recall a game this entire SEASON where the Bears dominated like they did in period 1 tonight. And to do it in the biggest game, with all the emotion in the building and the expectations.....unreal!

Getting to see the Cup given to Helmer on home ice was special. Seeing all the players pass it around and spend time with their families...awesome!

This team just completed the unquestioned single greatest season in AHL history!!

Let that sink in for a while.....

Congrats to the Bears!!! Enjoy the celebration!!!


**I will have plenty more analysis, celebration, and pictures in the coming days...between my wife and I we took something like 500 pictures so there will be plenty to sort through**


PlayoffMVP17 said...

I don't know how many comments you get on this blog, I haven't checked. But regardless, know that this site is the #1 reading spot for fantastic Bears info and analysis for me, and many many others that I know of.

Just thought I'd let you know that, and hope you keep up the good work, it's appreciated! :)

And congratulations on the cup! Back to back, simply amazing! I was watching the game over the web... must have been unbelieavable being there!

GM said...

Thank you very much. I love writing the blog and it is great to hear that people like reading it as much as I like writing it.

It was amazing to be there in the arena for the Cup. Unbelievable experience. Hopefully it will happen again soon!