Friday, July 2, 2010

Cash won't be in Hershey next year

First lets cover this...Jason Bacashihua will not return to Hershey next season. He signed a contract with Colorado and will likely return to Lake Erie where he played in 08-09.

I thought he might come back since Neuvy is headed to Washington and Cash would likely form a 1a/1b tandem with Braden Holtby. But I guess he figured that with all the young talent in Washington's organization that it was a better move for him to go.

He had a good season this year but he didn't play once in the playoffs. I don't blame him for going.

Good Luck Cash!

In his place it is reported that Dany Sabourin has signed with Washington and will play in Hershey alongside Holtby. Sabourin spent some time in Wilkes Barre a few years ago and has a decent amount of NHL experience.

Last season he played 56 games for the Providence Bruins. He finished with a 28-27 record with a 2.67 gaa and a .915 save percentage. Not bad.

Holtby is likely to be the #1 goalie for Hershey but Sabourin will get plenty of opportunities with the AHLs many 3 in 3 weekends.

Now onto what the Caps did yesterday....nothing. And while that, in my opinion and this guys too, is fine for them it is bad for the Bears.

Why? Because with every roster spot that remains open through the summer it becomes increasingly likely that players from Hershey will fill them.

Obviously there is still time for the Caps to do something but let's assume for a second that the decide to stand pat and bring in no additional players via free agency. Then they would be looking to their prospects to fill out their 23 man roster.

That would likely mean players like Mathieu Perreault, Andrew Gordon, Chris Bourque, and Jay Beagle would get long looks in the fall. And it would be likely that at least 1 of them remains there for the season.

There is still lots of time left this summer for both Hershey and Washington to make moves but by standing pat the Caps signaled that they are fine with raiding Hershey for their players next season.

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