Monday, August 2, 2010

Current Roster

As of today (August 2) this is what Hershey's roster COULD look like come October.


Braden Holtby
Dany Sabourin

Todd Ford
Jared DeMichiel

*players in bold should start season in Hershey*

This was an easy position to figure out. Ford will likely be the first recall option with DeMichiel also getting some time in Hershey potentially.


Sean Collins
Brian Fahey
Joe Finley

Josh Godfrey
Patrick McNeill
Zach Miscovic

Dustin Stevenson
Johan Kroll
Dylan Yeo
Patrick Wellar
Lawrence Nycholat

*players in bold are those I expect to start the season in Hershey*

That is 11 defensemen. 4 of them (Kroll, Yeo, Wellar, Nycholat) are on AHL only deals. I would expect at least 8 to be full time in Hershey this season. Obviously though with injuries and call ups all of these players are likely to see some time in Hershey.

The one name that many expected (and maybe still expect) to see on the list is Bryan Helmer. I have not heard anything about him resigning or retiring as of yet. He seemed interested in returning for another season in postseason interviews but who knows. There is still potential for him to come back but he won't play as much as he did the past seasons.


Keith Aucoin
Jay Beagle

Francois Bouchard

Trevor Bruess
Andrew Gordon
Kyle Greentree
Anton Gustafsson

Jake Hauswirth
Andrew Joudrey
Dmitri Kugryshev
Mathieu Perreault
Steve Pinizzotto

Brian Willsie

Boyd Kane
Nikita Kashirsky
Grant McNeill
Joel Rechlicz
Ashton Rome

*players in bold are players I expect to see in Hershey immediately*

That is 18 forwards, 5 of which (last 5 on there) are on AHL only deals. With all the moves being made in Washington I highly doubt any of these players will make the Caps roster out of camp. But if some do it would likely to be Beagle or Willsie as they can both be contributors on multiple lines. Gordon could too but I think they would rather see him score in the AHL for another year.

Of those 18 only 2 are officially listed as left wings, Greentree and Kane. Right wing and center are both stacked with talent while there is lots of other potential on the left side with guys like Hauswirth, Bruess, and Pinner listed simply as 'Forwards'.

Predicting lines is almost impossible at this stage but unless one of them makes the Caps I would be willing to put money on a Greentree, Coiner, Gordon top line.

There will probably be a few more signings before the summer is out. But if not then this is what Hershey will enter the season with. In all honesty I think this roster has just as much potential as last years did. The main difference is last years team was less potential and more actual production. Guys like Giroux, Wilson, Helmer, Alzner, and Carlson were known producers. You didn't have to worry about them.

This year though guys like Gustafsson, Kugryshev, and Hauswirth have tons of potential but haven't proven it as of yet. But there are still the solid production guys too...Greentree and Willsie join the team while Coiner and Gordon are still there.

It is going to be another great season for the Hershey Bears and their fans.


this space for rent said...

The only one of those I think has a serious shot to crack the Caps roster is Matty P. The Caps are not deep at center and MoJo has not proven in D-camp that he is ready for the big time. The Caps do not have enough cap space for both a D of the caliber they need and a 2C, and are reported to be looking at Willie Mitchell.

Yes, that leaves them with 8 D, but Erskine is best as a 6/7, and Sloan will be kept around as a F/D swing guy.

GM said...

I would have agreed with you before D-camp but with Marcus Johansson's performance there and all the talk about him I think he is more likely to get the chance.

If Johansson stays in Sweden for another year then yes I think Perry has a great shot at making the roster. But if Marcus comes to the US then I think he becomes the #2 center and Perry stays in Hershey one more year.

HBHFan said...

Was I the only one at Kettler that did not think that MoJo was as great as everyone made him out to be?

GM said...

I wasn't there so I can't speak to that but from what I read he was impressive.

The thing you have to keep in mind is that he has not played the North American style before. So while he might not have impressed as much in the scrimmages he obviously showed everyone (coaches included) enough in the drills to know that with a little time he can be a great centerman.

Having him learn on the job is a tough pill to swallow if he struggles but we all know the regular season is relatively meaningless. Give him a month or two at the beginning of the season and if he still isn't getting it then you could send him to Hershey.

Personally I would be surprised to see Perry get the spot over Johansson.

Anonymous said...

I really hope they sign Helmer soon! I don't understand what is going on with him right now. We all know from his speech that he REALLY wants to play in Hershey again this year. Plus I read that he is 18 games away from playing 1000 games. How cool would it be to watch him play his 1000th game in Hershey this season?! Come on, Yingst! Sign him already!!!

GM said...

I just went through and by my count there are 5 players that have 'veteran' status on the team right now. They are Fahey, Nycholat, Aucoin, Willsie, and Kane.

That really leaves one spot open for a 'veteran' player. If my memory serves me right Helmer waited until August to sign the last 2 years as well.

It might just be him deciding for certain that he wants to play again. He is 38 now so it might be that he is thinking about retiring too.

tfirey said...

If I'm not mistaken, the Caps need both a 2nd and 3rd-line center. Even with Flash re-signed, it's unclear if he'll win either of those slots FT, though he'll be given a chance to do so. MoJo looked a lot less NHL-ready than the front office expected, and would greatly benefit from a year in the A. I think Perry will be given the opportunity to win one of the center slots, and Beagle will be given a good look as well. And don't forget that Coiner is GMGM's security blanket, if the kids aren't ready (and a darn good security blanket he is).

GM said...

MoJo won't play this season in the AHL. He will return to Sweden for another year before he does that. I really think they will give MoJo every chance to win the job in camp and preseason before making a decision.

You could argue that the Caps need a 2nd and 3rd line center. They have 4 players on the roster (5 if you include Laich) that can technically play center. Flash, Nicky, Stecks and Gordon. So yes they could need a 3rd line center if they don't think Stecks or Gordon can handle it.

I don't think Perry is a 3rd line center though. He is a playmaker not a grinder. It would depend on what they wanted from that line.

Beagle is an interesting case though as he can do everything and is also a center. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a long look during camp.

I still think that the pecking order is MoJo, Perry, and everyone else. Sure MoJo isn't ready right now but another year in Sweden isn't going to help and I don't think he will ever play in the AHL.

But don't forget about Coiner either. He could be in line for the 2nd or 3rd line center position as well. He has obviously earned the trust of the organization and if they are looking for someone with more experience he could be the guy that gets the longest look.