Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bears dismantle Senators

I have to admit that I didn't see much of the game last night. By the time I got to turn it on it was already 5-1 and from there I watched a few minutes before moving on to other items.

In the end it was a 7-1 final, which coincidentally is the Bears record against Bingo each of the past 2 seasons.

6 different Bears scored goals including 4 who got their first of the year (Bouchard, Perreault, Willsie, and Beagle). Greentree (2), Gordon (2), and Bouchard (2) again finished the scoring for the Bears.

Of particular note is how well the 2nd line played last night. Willsie, Perreault, and Bouchard were in top form last night as they combined for 4 goals and 6 assists.

John Walton made mention last night that if this line can do this on a consistent basis then the Bears offense will be very difficult to stop.

And while that is definitely true I would also say, the offense was pretty tough to stop last year too!

Having 2 scoring lines that are technically #1 lines is a great advantage to have. Which is what Hershey have at this moment. The Willsie, Perry, and Bouch line could be the #1 here in Hershey and would be the #1 line for just about any other team in the league.

Goaltending was good last night too as Holtby allowed just one goal on 36 shots. Which believe it or not was one more shot then Hershey recorded...that's right the Senators lost 7-1 but out shot the Bears 36-35.

It was a very physical game, which is to be expected when one team dominates in this fashion. There were 4 fights and plenty of roughing calls between the two teams. When you finish a period up 3-1 and extend that lead to 6-1 in the 2nd period there is bound to be some aggressive physical play from the losing team.

Hershey gets right back to it tonight in the home opener against Rochester. The banner raising and ring ceremony will take place tonight as well to celebrate the 2009-10 Calder Cup Championship one last time.


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