Monday, July 11, 2011

Development Camp kicks off today

Beginning today the Washington Capitals are hosting future pros for a week in their annual development camp in DC.

The players at this camp are current, future, or potential Hershey Bears mostly.  Many of the players could make the Capitals roster in the future but probably just a small percentage.

Below are the player groups for the following week.  Players with an * are free agent invitees.  Players highlighted in yellow are likely headed for Hershey for at least part of the 2011-12 season.

Group A

50 Cody Eakin
64 Pat Mullane*
73 Luke Lockhart*
76 Garrett Mitchell
77 Michael Collins*
79 David Civitarese*
86 Andrew Cherniwchan*
87 Samuel Henley*
92 Chase Grant*
93 Dmitry Kugryshev
95 Thomas Frazee*
96 Taylor Stefishen


38 Garrett Haar
44 Patrick Koudys
51 Luke Eibler*
56 Patrick Wey
65 Samuel Carrier
66 Dustin Stevenson
67 Wade Epp*
94 Jimmy Oligny*


31 Philipp Grubauer
40 Steffen Soberg

Group B

33 Mattias Sjogren
39 Brock Montpetit*
42 Danick Paquette
49 Stanislav Galiev
53 Travis Boyd
54 Greg Burke
61 Mitch Elliot*
63 Garrett Ross*
71 Cameron Burt*
82 Aaron Schmit*
84 T.J. Syner*
88 Reid Edmondson*
91 Adam Mitchell*


29 Brett Flemming
47 Scott Wietecha*
58 Conor Allen*
59 Mike Boivin*
75 Kyle Follmer*
81 Dmitri Orlov
97 Karl Stollery*
98 Nick Tabisz*

78 Brandon Anderson
80 Jacob Gervais-Chouinard*

After this week there will be minimal hockey discussion for the next 2 months so definitely enjoy it.

Washington/Hershey continue to sign players destined for Hershey and I will have updates as they happen (I have heard about 3 signings in the last day or two which I will update sometime midweek).

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