Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bears win...force Game 5 tonight

I had this whole post written up about last nights game...but then I's over.  It doesn't matter anymore.  One game is left to decide who moves on and who waits until next season.

I know this is NHL footage...but the idea is still the same:

And then there is this one...remember, the Bears are the underdogs tonight...but that doesn't mean anything until the game is done:

And finally...something more from OUR Hershey Bears...a couple of years ago the Bears backs were against the wall in the Calder Cup Finals. Down 2 games to none, headed for Texas. After a couple of victories in games 3 and 4 the Bears needed one more to avoid having to win two at home:

If you are going up to the game loud. Many of us will be listening or watching on AHLLive and we want to hear Bears nation.


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BBCchem1 said...

It is a shame that they lost the game on Sunday(2,1). I think that if they had Brayden Holtby (1) and Keith Aucoin (11) with them, the series would have went to the Bears. Now we wait until next year and hope they do better.