Thursday, November 7, 2013

More Line Shuffling

This Pennlive article made me mad so I thought I would write a post while in the moment instead of letting it settle down.  Usually not a great idea, let's see how it works out.

Earlier this week I wrote a post commenting that one of the Bears biggest problems is that there are too many guys on the roster and too much roster instability for guys to 'get a feel' for each other and know what each other is going to do on the ice.

Well that is going to get worse before it gets better I fear.
"You've got to look at the results we have now, so maybe a new face, a new something in the lineup," Bears head coach Mike Haviland said.  "He's a big guy that gets around pretty well.  We're still talking about the lineup, obviously, for Saturday.  But, certainly, we may have to give him a chance."
That was coach Haviland talking about forward Josh Brittain who was just cleared to return.  Maybe Brittain is exactly what these Bears have been missing.  I mean he did score 11 goals in 43 games for the Admirals last season [sarcasm intended].

Adding him to the lineup gives the Bears 16 forwards active.  16.  They dress 12 for any given game.  I don't understand.

And if that isn't too many...let's go for 17:
“We talked as a staff that maybe it was a good time for him just to go down and get a little bit more confidence, more touches with the puck, and play a little bit more minutes than what he is up here right now,” Haviland said.  
“I don't see it a long-term thing at all. I think it's going to be a short term. We really like him. We like his energy. We like what he brings to this team, to the room, on and off the ice.”
That is Haviland talking about Tyler Ruegsegger who was just loaned to Reading.

This team doesn't need MORE line/roster shuffling.  It needs continuity and similarity for a while. The players need to be given time to get a feel for what the other guys are going to do on the ice.

I am all for some line shuffling throughout the year to make sure guys can play with other guys, but usually that is initiated due to injuries, recalls, or poor play.

The argument could be made that poor play is the reason for all the constant line shuffling, but at some point I feel like you have to wonder if the 'solution' isn't actually the problem.

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Add John Mitchell to the mix!!!