Thursday, March 5, 2009

Capitals Make No Moves

Yesterday the trade deadline came and went in the NHL and no one in the Washington organization was affected.

But was this the right move? Or is it time to panic?

Yes, I think it was the right move. And no it is NOT time to panic.

Many people have said that there were two serious areas of concern for the Capitals, a goaltender (backup or otherwise) and a defenseman.
Let me first start this by saying if they are hurting that bad at those two positions what is one d-man or a backup goaltender going to do to help in the playoffs? A backup goaltender is meaningless in the postseason and a defenseman probably isn't going to solve the problem by himself.

But either way that was the discussion and there were options for both.

At either position it was going to cost a lot to get someone worth while. You had a few goalies mentioned but are any of them an upgrade over Theodore? And if all you are looking at is a backup, what is wrong with the young kids Simeon Varlamov and Michal Neuvirth. Both have looked good in Washington when they have gotten a chance.

On defense there was more options including Jay Bouwmeester from Florida, Chris Pronger from Anaheim, and Derek Morris from Phoenix. Only Morris ended up moving and honestly it cost A LOT. The Rangers had to give up 3 roster players to get the defenseman.

Pronger and Bouwmeester deals would have reportedly included Karl Alzner AND John Carlson AND Simeon Varlamov. If the Caps had done that deal everyone would have been calling McPhee an idiot.

Why would you possibly trade your future for a rental player and a shot (remember nothing is guaranteed) at a Stanley Cup. Especially when your team is already going to get a shot (and a rather good one) at the Cup. They are 3rd in the Eastern Conference and easily ahead in the Southeast division.

My opinion:

If there would have been a small move to make than it MIGHT have made sense BUT to give up more than a prospect and a pick for anyone is too much. The Caps made that kind of mistake a few years ago with Jagr and that worked out well.

Thank you to GMGM for NOT getting rid of any players for a one year run at the Cup. Next year and the year after will see players like Alzner, Carlson, Varlamov, Neuvirth, Osala, and others make the jump to the NHL and help the Caps win the cup.

Remember no hockey team is going to be perfect. There will always be problems. This team has won 40 games with the team they have now. They WILL get their shot to win a Cup soon.

And remember this too....if Brian Pothier can come back from his concussion and play and be near the player he was that will be just like a trade deadline acquisition.

Other opinions on the Non Moves:

News and Notes:

  • Brian Pothier and Staffan Kronwall have been reassigned to Hershey. Pothier is on a conditioning assignment and Kronwall is here for the time being.

  • If Pothier has any more concussion symptoms then his career is probably over. Hopefully he can step in to Hershey and everything goes well for him and he will be back up in Washington soon.

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