Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bears Drop Game in Norfolk

Well as we all saw the Bears lost last night to last place Norfolk. There were some people who were pretty disappointed in the chat during the game and who can blame them. I didn't look on PennLive but I am sure there were some people that were none to pleased with the Bears performance.

But let me say this....

It is very hard to get excited or ready for every single game of the season. I know you are reading this thinking yeah but they are professionals and it is the end of the season and they are fighting for playoff positions BUT it is still an 80 game season spread out over the course of 6.5 months before the playoffs.

THERE IS NO WAY a player (even NHL players) can get up and get really excited for every game. Should they win against a last place team? Probably. But I would rather see them lay an egg against a team like Norfolk than a team like Bridgeport.

You can't honestly expect players in any sport to be 100% ready to go for every game of every season. And think about it....were you that excited to watch/listen to Hershey play Norfolk? I wasn't. But tomorrow night, hell I am already psyched for that game.

I would love to see this team come out to play their best every single game of the season but that isn't going to happen. The games that matter to us as fans are also the ones that matter more to the players.

And also keep in mind that Hershey has been in first place for (almost) the entire season. WHICH MEANS that they get every other team's best each and every night. Why? Because it is the other teams chance to prove they are good enough play against the best.

So if you combine the fact that the Bears players aren't going to be as "pumped up" to play Norfolk or Springfield while those teams are giving 110% to beat the Bears it spells trouble.


SteckelFan2039 said...

I was disappointed in their effort given the fact they had lost to WBS on Sunday. They needed to be up for these 2 points. I am very concerned about the loss of Mink. We don't have anyone else that camps out in front of the net like he does, and you have to do that to win at this time of the year. Especially difficult without Coiner too.

GM said...

I think they played good in both games but they didn't get the bounces.

And Mink will be back for the playoffs (hopefully). Not having Coiner and Minker is tough and will be tough for them until they are back.