Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big Joe Finley

Doug asked a couple days ago about Big Joe Finley so here is my response. (sorry it took so long Doug)

I do not get down to see the Bears practice so I can't tell you how he is looking there. With Sami Lepisto being out (lacerated spleen if you hadn't heard) he will surely make is debut this weekend. Although I would have bet money that he would have played even with a healthy Lepisto.

I am hoping to get a good look at Big Joe Finley tomorrow night in Philly. Although it hasn't been announced that he would be in the lineup I don't know why he wouldn't be. I would expect him to play at least 2 of 3 this weekend.

As for Karl Alzner (or @kingkarl27 on Twitter) he is playing very well. I hope (this is kind of selfish but oh well) that he is in Hershey for the remainder of the season. In my opinion he has been the steadiest defenseman on the blueline in Hershey all season and the Bears could surely use him for their Calder Cup run. (Greg Amadio would be 2nd on that list in my eyes)

Luckily, the word on the street is that barring injury Alzner will be in Hershey the rest of the season. But fear not Caps fans, I am sure Coach Bruce will call him up if any Caps d-men struggle. You will also get him all next season as he will probably not spend any time in Hershey.

But I do want to ask the Caps for a favor. Can you please send Varly back to Hershey? I know he wants to stay there and that would be great for him but Hershey could really use him. Down in DC he is only going to be the backup where as up in Hershey he would be the star! Neuvy has been playing great of late but I would feel much better with BOTH rookies here instead of just one.



Doueb said...

Thanks for the report on Big Joe Finley. My wife and I will be in Hershey for the Sunday finale.

It's possible, perhaps, that Varlamov could get the start on Sunday night in Hershey. I think he can go back & forth pretty easily.

GM said...

Hope you enjoyed the didn't get to see Varly but you did get to see Big Joe. He looked good although a little flustered at times. I would be surprised to see him any more this season barring injury.