Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Giroux is BACK!!

This definitely surprised me today. I really didn't think Giroux would resign with Hershey but as of today that is exactly what happened.

I would love to know what his other offers were. I mean he must not have had much because the odds of him making the Caps (as the roster stands now) is unlikely.

He signed a 2-way 1 year deal with the organization and is sure to give everything he has at Caps camp in September.

A lot of fans were wondering where the goals were going to come from this season....well I think that has been answered. If Giroux and Aucoin end up back in Hershey again we can probably expect another great season from the two. Probably not 60 regular season goals but I would bet on 40+.

The other thing I would love to know...what are the terms? Is Giroux getting 6 figures to play in Hershey? I think it is definitely possible. The average salary for AHL players is in the 60k range so if he was getting 6 figures that might have played a role.

I would have to think he is making a decent wage to come back as rumor has it Europe was calling and they surely would have paid him. Although heading to Europe at 28 is basically giving up in a way on your dream of making the NHL.

And his numbers in Hershey are definitely better than his numbers in most other places.

I apologize for not getting this up sooner but welcome back ANDREW JOUDREY! A premier penalty killer and energy guy is back for the 09-10 season. I didn't think he would be back and I don't think it was a 2-way deal but Joudrey is the kind of player that you need if you want to repeat as Calder Cup Champs!

Also signed this past week was goaltender Jason Bacashihua who played last season with the Lake Erie Monsters and posted some solid numbers.

Many fans were somewhat confused on why the Bears would need another goalie considering Neuvirth and Holtby were considered to be Hershey's goalies for next season. To understand that just look back to this past many goalies did Hershey use? 5. Including Kris Mayotte and Bobby Goepfert.

So why not get a third goaltender and stash one of them in South Carolina in case you need him.

Wow...I am still surprised to see that Giroux is back. Great news today!!!


SteckelFan2039 said...

What do you mean by 6 figures? Or that the average AHL salary is 60K? Do you really mean 7 figures and the average salary is 600K?

GM said...

Nope I mean 60,000. That is around the average salary for AHL players. The salary figures you can find at or sites like that are the salaries they make IF they are playing in the NHL.

Some players surely make more money than others in the AHL. I can not tell you how it is figured out but according to AHL President Dave Andrews the average AHL salary is (was in 2004 anyway) 55,000. I don't know if it is agreed upon in their contracts or if there is some formula used to decide how much they get paid.

So in my opinion Giroux is probably getting a 6 figure salary (maybe in the 150,000 range) to play for the Bears. That isn't necessarily true though as maybe he decided to stay in the States and make a last attempt at the NHL but I would guess he is getting paid pretty well.

If players are on 1 way NHL deals (like Aucoin this upcoming season) and they play in the AHL they are getting their NHL salary no matter what. But when a player signs a 2-way deal that means that they get NHL money when playing in the NHL and AHL money when they are in the AHL.