Wednesday, July 29, 2009

G-Mac is Back!

Grant McNeill will be back with the Bears for 09-10. We all know what GMac brings to the table but the question is...when will he be healthy?

He injured his knee late in the season and is facing a few more months of rehab I would think. I would say the timeline would be Christmas at the earliest based on the original diagnosis. But nothing has been reported since then so who knows.

McNeill will be THE enforcer this season but needs to stay healthy. He has struggled to remain on the ice the past couple seasons which resulted in Kip Brennan being brought in for part of this past season.

You have to have some guys, like GMac and Ammo, that are willing to do whatever it takes and throwdown with all comers if you want to compete in the AHL. There are plenty of good fighters in the league and while no one will mistake GMac or Ammo for heavyweights they can surely handle their own.

Good to have you back Grant!

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