Friday, April 16, 2010

Bears/Tigers game 2

I saw a replay of the Perreault goal from Wednesday night and I can only say one thing...WOW! Not sure how many of you saw it but it was an obvious high stick and it is shocking that not one of the officials either saw it or called it.

If that had been flipped with Bridgeport getting a goal like that we surely would have heard a certain arena chant!

But that's neither here nor there as the call was made, the Bears are up 1 game to none with 3 games in the next 3 days this series could be over before some other series get to game 3.

After a very weak first period Wednesday, I am expecting a much better performance from the Bears in period 1 tonight. It seemed as though they suffered from a bit of complacency on Wednesday night. They made up for it with a high intensity offensive push for the final 40 minutes which got them the win.

Tonight expect the Bears to dominate the Sound Tigers. From the slow start Wednesday to the horrible call at the end the Bears got fortunate in Game 1. But the Sound Tigers have to be somewhat frustrated already and I think it shows in Game 2.

It all adds up to (in my opinion) an awakening from the Bears from here on in this series. With the veteran leadership and last years playoff experience on this team I can't see 2 straight games where they struggle with their focus.

In goal, Michal Neuvirth will likely take his rightful place between the pipes tonight as Braden Holtby struggled in his first career playoff start. Last seasons Calder Cup MVP will likely get the starts going forward assuming he is in shape AND stays healthy. With a 3 in 3 this weekend you might see Braden back in net but I wouldn't be surprised to see Neuvy from here until the end.

This series already reminds me a little bit of the Eastern Conference Finals last season against Providence. Hershey was the prohibitive favorite there but came out flat at home against the Bruins in Hershey for game 1. They ended up losing that game as they couldn't beat Tuuka Rask but won the next 4 games including 3 on the road.

Coming out flat in game 1 is a problem for many top seeds. Although many teams don't so much come out flat as the lower seeded team comes out flying because they have nothing to lose. Just look at the NHL this season. Both #1 seeds lose game 1 and a #2 loses game 1. It happens.

It almost happened to the Bears...will it wake them up or does it show a possible weakness?

Personally....I think they have awoken and Bridgeport should be concerned.

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