Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Goalie Troubles in Hershey

Well this is bad news...Dany Sabourin is out 2-3 months for knee surgery

And Braden Holtby is still battling a sore knee suffered last Saturday against Charlotte.  The injury forced him to miss the All-Star festivities.  At the time I questioned why Sabourin wasn't pegged as a last minute fill in but that is possibly because he wasn't healthy either.

Todd Ford is scheduled to start Friday night in Atlantic City while Jared DeMichiel is apparently in Atlantic City waiting for the Bears to back up Ford. 

It looks like it could be an all South Carolina goalie weekend in Hershey.

This could cause Doug Yingst to pull off a trade or sign a free agent to back up Braden in Hershey for the duration of the regular season.  Even if Dany just misses 2 months that puts Hershey in April. 

If Varlamov or Neuvirth were to go down for any time in Washington Hershey would be left with huge questions should Holtby get recalled. 

I am not saying that Ford and DeMichiel can't get the job done but there is a significant unknown there and will Hershey risk the season on them?

Interesting decision for Yingst.


Anonymous said...

2 words....Ray Emery.

Ray Emery (hip) has declared himself fit to begin training in the American Hockey League.
Emery suffered from avascular necrosis and needed a bone graft done to alleviate his hip issues. There were questions as to whether or not he'd ever play again, but he's close to pulling off a remarkable comeback. "I'm ready to go and start training in the American Hockey League and know that my body can take that kind of exertion," Emery said. "The hockey's not all the way there. I feel like a player at the end of the summer who needs some training and some games to get a feeling for the game again." We doubt he'll have any fantasy value this season, but he might manage to land a starting job in 2011-12. At the very least, he's worth keeping an eye on.


GM said...

Maybe. Time Leone mentioned the name and I know it is an option but I am not convinced they will go that road.

I would imagine Emery would like to be the #1 in the AHL (he wouldn't be in Hershey...not even an option) and have a legimitate shot at the NHL and the Capitals aren't likely to give him that.

That being said I think it would work if he understood the circumstances. Once Dany was healthy he would likely become the #2 and Emery would be back off the ice.

I think there are plenty of teams looking for goalie help that Emery would have the opportunity to join a team that doesn't have the depth of the Washington organization.

With Ford and DeMichiel and a healthy Holtby I think Hershey would be fine. The problem is the NHL...if Neuvy and/or Varly get hurt and Braden has to be recalled.

But with Emery's history is he really a better option than Ford or DeMichiel? The inconsistency and injury raise questions.

I don't think Yingst will move quickly on this. I DO think they will move eventually but not right now. Hershey has 8 games over the next 2 weeks. Give Ford and DeMichiel a chance during those 8 games and that still gives you time to make a trade before the deadline.

Steve in section 124 said...

I see your points, especially that it will be hard to bring Emery to Hershey without promising him a #1 role (which would take an immediate longer-term injury to Varly or Neuvy; but can you blame me for getting excited in my first post?!?!!

Also, have you seen the reports on the Rangers being interested in Souray? Sounds to me that it this news is much ado about nothing on the premise they won't put him through re-entry waivers and take the chance of the 2 year cap hit when they can trade him witout re-entry waivers in 3 months in the offseason. Thoughts?

P.S. This is far and away the best bears blog out there. Visiting this site is one of the first things I do before starting my work day...every day.

Keep up the great work!

GM said...

I haven't seen the reports on Souray but yeah it doesn't make sense to me at this point. I do think Souray has shown (at times) that he is a very good NHL caliber defenseman.

BUT one of the big knocks on him was that he couldn't stay healthy and that hasn't exactly changed this season.

I would be surprised to see any team touch him this season. Not with another year on his current deal anyway. Next year is a whole different story but he wouldn't likely be in Hershey anyhow.

And thanks for the kind words. I love writing the blog and I am glad that you like reading it.