Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gordon and Pinner practice

Generally news about a player practicing or not practicing wouldn't make it up here but this is pretty big.  Andrew Gordon hasn't played a game in about 6 weeks but he practiced today

He is probably Hershey's most dynamic goal scorer.  Sure Kyle Greentree and Brian Willsie are having great years but Gordo is a notch above them in my opinion.

Getting him back with a few weeks left in the regular season will give him the chance to both get back into game shape and redevelop some chemistry with his line mates. 

Unfortunately Keith Aucoin didn't practice so getting the chemistry back might have to wait another week or so.  Coiner is expected to skate tomorrow and could (doubtful) play this Sunday.  I don't see any reason they would rush him back this weekend.  My guess is next Friday at the absolute earliest.  If it was a concussion you would be better off letting him rest for a couple weeks then rush him back and risk another right away.

Steve Pinizzotto also practiced today and is, like Gordon, expected to play sometime this weekend.  Pinner has been out since the beginning of the month.  Not as long as Gordo but still enough time to have an affect.

There is a chance that Gordo and Pinner don't play this weekend but based on what is being said they will definitely play in at least a couple games this weekend.

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