Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New "Voice" of Hershey Bears will be needed for 2011-12

Well, today I was going to do a post about the Patriot News hockey thingy from last Friday, but now I will just leave you with this.  (The recap of the hockey "get-together" will come later this week.)

John Walton has been hired as play by play man for the Washington Capitals.  For anyone that pays attention to happenings around the Caps and NHL you knew this day was likely coming.  But it is still an interesting thought...

John Walton won't be calling Bears games next season. 

He will be in Washington doing the radio play by play and contributing to WashingtonCaps.com.  It's a great opportunity for him and I am sure he hasn't completed his upward moves in hockey.

Congratulations John!  Glad to see you get a chance, but Bears games won't be the same without your call.

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Anonymous said...

Well, with John going south maybe hecan talk Bruce and Doug into having a scrimage in Chocolate town for the fans. I see they are having a black and gold up north of us.
My family wishes John great success.
Can't wait to see the comments about last Friday. I was there with my grandkids and we enjoyed it.