Friday, September 30, 2011

Caps cut more...preview posts coming soon

Just a quick note this nice fall Friday...

The Caps sent Chris Bourque, Patrick McNeill, and Sean Collins to Hershey yesterday.  Good news is that all three cleared waivers and will report to the Bears officially. 

Both of the defensemen were likely aware that this move was likely coming.  Everyone can read a depth chart and while both surely believe they belong in the NHL (who at this level doesn't truly believe that) they were no doubt prepared for this.

Bourque on the other hand, I think, really had a shot at making the team.  Bruce Boudreau said that the reason for sending Chris down was because “We know what we have in Chris Bourque; I’ve seen him for five years. We could call Chris up tomorrow." 

So, him being sent down should not be looked at as him not getting a chance this year...just not right now. 

While Chris is likely surprised, I am not.  I definitely think he can fill the role they are looking for, but he was the long shot to make it. 

But he is a Bear again and I for one am excited to see him play for the Bears again.

I promised some preview posts leading up to the season opening weekend and my original plan would have been to have some of those up this week.  Unfortunately things got busy at work and home and the posts were delayed. 

But fear not as they will be up next week.
  • Monday will be a preview of the goaltending.  We know who the top 2 are but are they ready to lead this team to the Calder Cup?
  • Tuesday will look at the the defense and will try to identify what type of impact to expect from the newcomers.
  • Wednesday will discuss the forwards and the amount of depth the team has this season.  I have discussed this at length already but I intend to get a different look at it this time.
  • Thursday will preview the East Division and will hopefully discuss some of the new faces we will see on the Bears division rivals.
  • And Friday will be the Opening Night preview as the Bears kick off the season up in Binghamton for a banner raising ceremony.  I expect the Bears to spoil that night for the Sens!

Check back next week as the season finally gets started.


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