Thursday, September 22, 2011

What the Bears Lines Could Be

Recently I talked about the Caps roster and how I envision Jay Beagle and Mattias Sjogren taking the last couple of spots resulting in Chris Bourque, Cody Eakin, and Mathieu Perreault starting the year in Hershey. 

I am legitimately concerned that Perry would get claimed on waivers as he has the skills to compete in the NHL.  For the purposes of this post however, I have included him on the roster.  That could very much change.

So, based on the above assumptions here is my take on what the lines COULD look like:

Bourque - Aucoin - Mink
Greentree - Perreault - Micflikier
Potulny - Eakin - Ford
Kane - Hanson - Paquette
Lacroix - Carroll - Rechlicz
Mitchell - de Kastrozza - Bouchard

That is kind of absurd.  I have Francois Bouchard, only 1 year removed from a 20+ goal season, on what equates to the 6th line.  Obviously the Bears aren't keeping 18 forwards on the roster, but the point of this was to show you the depth this team has this season.

Legitimately, there could be 10 guys with 20+ goals this season.  How do you defend a team like that? 

That being said, also consider that there likely isn't a 40 goal scorer on this team.  In fact I think there might only be a couple 30 goal scorers here, if any.  Which goes back to the point I have made previously...there is NOT a go-to scorer on this team.  Could that hurt them late in the season?  Perhaps.  But it will also make them very tough to defend when benches get shorter in the postseason.

Obviously if I end up being wrong and Eakin, Bourque, or Perreault end up in Washington (or get claimed on waivers) you can fill in different names (Beagle and Sjogren) respectively. 

Either way the depth is impressive and likely unparalleled in the AHL.


Anonymous said...

Could be a fun year based on those projected lines!

Off-topic -- any news on when this year's 3rd jersey is going to be unveiled? Can't wait!

GM said...

could be a very fun year! and no, haven't heard anything but I would imagine information should be coming shortly wity camp starting on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Rumour I heard was that it would be a white jersey version of last year's modernized "Skating Bear" logo

Anonymous said...

Borque-Aucoin-Mink ?! OMG are they trying to give me a heart attack?! Translation: AWESOME!!!