Monday, October 6, 2008

Bourque, Laing, & Alzner to Hershey

As expected Chris Bourque, Quintin Laing, and Karl Alzner were all assigned to Hershey this afternoon.

Laing will have to clear waivers but Bourque and Alzner will report immediately.

It is unfortunate for Bourque because he has played exceptionally well this preseason but got sent down basically because of waiver issues. He was surely a better player than some of their other guys like Eric Fehr. But since Eric has to clear waivers (which he wouldn't do) Chris got sent down. He can clear and will surely be the first player called up if a winger gets injured. One more year in Hershey isn't going to end his NHL dream. I would think the Capitals will resign him and get him on their team next season full time.

Quintin Laing didn't play at all in the post season or down the stretch last season for the Capitals so this isn't really a surprise either. There is a chance he could get picked up on waivers and honestly I wouldn't be surprised either way. On one side of it he is an older winger that doesn't bring much offensive punch but on the other side of it he is a great leader and a GREAT defensive forward. Whatever happens I hope he eventually makes it in the NHL.

And Karl Alzner is going to get to develop in Hershey much like Mike Green and Jeff Schultz did. He is going to get to learn from guys like Bryan Helmer and Dean Arsene so he should be fine. I would imagine him and Lepisto will split time as the main defensive call up option.

These moves mean the Bears will be making a few cuts soon. I would expect the cuts to come prior to Wednesday's season opener. Michael Dubuc is probably going to get sent down and I suspect Patrick McNeill will too. And if Laing clears waivers than I suspect another player will get moved so that there aren't too many guys sitting each night.

To read Bruce Boudreau's comments on the players cut today click here. When asked why the Caps didn't wait until the deadline on Wednesday afternoon to make the cuts Bruce said that since they knew now why would they wait until Wednesday and put the players through not knowing. And he also added that Hershey plays Wednesday and he wanted the Bears to be able to set their roster.


Anonymous said...

Dubuc sign a "one-way" 2 years deal with Hershey this afternoon.

JP said...

Laing & Sloan both cleared waivers today.