Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Neuvirth to Czech Republic

Michal Neuvirth is returning to play for a team in the Czech Republic.

He CAN be recalled during the season if need be.

Washington apparently couldn't or wouldn't loan him to another AHL team here in North America.

I would imagine that they couldn't find any takers since they would have to know that if there are injuries to goaltenders within the organization he would be called back to Hershey. Not too many teams will want to put their teams at risk for that for a guy that is completely unproven.

But the Caps want him to play and if he isn't going to play in the NHL or AHL than they figured it would be best to send him home to Europe to play for this season.

With Brent Johnson in the last year of his contract I am sure Neuvirth will be in the States next year to play for the Bears.

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Capital Fanatic said...

I guess I'll leave it up to the experts making the decisions, but I think Neuvirth could have benefited from a season in the ECHL.