Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Video Feed Review

I have subscribed to AHL Live for the entire Hershey Bears season. This way I can see all the road games and any home games that I can't get to.

I said previously that I would give my thoughts on it so here you go.

The video quality is okay. Nothing special but not too bad either. It is definitely good enough to watch the games with no problem. I hooked my computer to my tv for Friday's game in Norfolk and that was still good enough quality.

The first game there was some significant skipping and freezing during the third period that was quite annoying.

The second game was a bit of an issue just signing in. I actually didn't get the feed until about 10 minutes into the game due to problems with the site. I have emailed them about this issue but haven't heard anything back just yet.

The third game was the best of the games so far as there was no issue logging in and only a couple minor skipping problems throughout the game.

All in all I would say that it is definitely worth the money if you can afford it. There are some problems but hopefully that is because of a new season and they will go away.

I watched a game on B2 last year or the year before and it was terrible in my opinion. I actually didn't even finish watching it. But AHL Live / Neulion is much better than that.


I just got a response from the people at AHL Live and I have changed my opinion. One of the nice features about the service was having access to archived games that have already been played. But I just found out that in order to view those I have to purchase each one for $4. That is ON TOP of my season pass.

If I was considering purchasing this I would think very hard about it. If you can't see the games live when they are on than you are out of luck even though they archive them.

It is still worth it if you can't get to many games but if you are going to be at most of the home games I would say DO NOT PURCHASE!


Anonymous said...

I thought that if you paid the 6 dollars to watch the game live you could go back and re-watch it for free. Like you pointed out, that is not the case you still need to pay again (4 more dollars). That was a bummer to me.

GM said...

thats what I thought too. I am not very happy to learn otherwise! It is ridiculous.