Friday, December 12, 2008

Varly to Washington

According to Tarik....

Simeon Varlamov is en route to Washington as I type this. Jose Theodore is injured and will not be able to be even the backup tonight for the Caps. Varly is expected to be on the bench by the 2nd period to serve as the backup for the less than 100% Brent Johnson tonight.

Who is going to be the backup until Varly gets there? Caps Web producer Brett Leonhardt will serve as the backup. He regularly attends and participates in practices when a goalie needs a break for a day. The Caps have gotten special permission to use him as the backup until Varly gets there.

There is no word yet on who is going to be the Hershey backup tomorrow night but all indications point to Michal Neuvirth heading to Houston. He may be on his way now for all anyone knows.

Also Oskar Osala and Sean Collins have been reassigned from Washington. They will NOT be heading to Houston tonight as they will probably hang out until after the game to see if the Caps need them to head to Montreal for Saturday. I wouldn't expect them to return to the Bears until after Hershey returns from Houston. There really isn't any reason to fly them down to Houston for 1 game when there are already enough players.

Any more news and I will put it up here.

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Aneesa said...

News of Varlamov’s pending arrival excited fans at Verizon Center. When Varlie replaced Stretch on the stool, virtually everyone applauded and he gave a fine grin for all to see on HD.

Sadly I will miss the chance to see Varlie in his NHL debut, but I’m glad he gets to experience playing in front of about 21,000. He’s definitely earning a spot in the NHL.