Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aucoin and Bourque are All-Stars

Chris Bourque and Keith Aucoin were named to the PlanetUSA All-Star team today.

Chris Bourque will be a starter on the team. They were the only Bears named to the team. Players like Oskar Osala, Graham Mink, and Simeon Varlamov were left off the roster.

I can understand Osala and Mink but how can Varly be left off the roster?

The goalies that made it are Jeff Frazee (Lowell), Daniel Larsson (Grand Rapids), and Cory Schneider (Manitoba). And all three are relatively deserving.

Frazee - 19 gp, 10-6-2 record, 2 shutouts, 2.31 gaa, and .932 save percentage

Larsson - 19 gp, 12-4-1 record, 4 shutouts, 2.30 gaa, and .924 save percentage

Schneider - 12gp, 10-1 record, 1 shutout, 1.47 gaa, and .940 save percentage

All very good numbers although Schneider has only played 12 games in the AHL this season. How is that enough to qualify...and he is the starter!

Varly - 17 gp, 14-3 record, 2 shutouts, 2.13 gaa, and .921 save percentage

I don't understand how he didn't make the team. More wins than any of them. More starts than Schneider. Lower goals against than 2 of them.

Personally.....I think Varly should AT LEAST be on the team if not the starter. And I did vote for him....multiple times.

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sleza said...

Finns are never voted for anything... Everyone hates us. Sigh

Oh well, at least he has more time to figure out how to fail when playing in national team