Monday, January 12, 2009

40 Down....40 To Go

I didn't see last nights game in its entirety. When I turned it on it was 2-2 and within a couple minutes it was 4-2 and that is all I saw. So I am not going to critique the team or give a recap on something that I didn't see.

So instead let's take a look back and give out midseason awards:

MVP : Alexandre Giroux

There are multiple players that could be considered for this award including Keith Aucoin and Simeon Varlamov. But I feel like this is a different team with Giroux in the lineup. When he was up in Washington for the better part of a month the Bears struggled to consistently create offense. Since he has been back they have been much better and he is a big reason why.

Best Forward : Keith Aucoin

Aucoin has been producing the most points all season long and Giroux wouldn't have 28 goals if it wasn't for Coiner. The only reason he didn't get MVP is because he was inconsistent without Giroux in the lineup. But he leads the team in points with 51 so he is the best offensive player on the team.

Best Defenseman : Greg Amadio

I really just created this category so that I could include Amadio. He has been the leader of this team and especially the defense all season. He does not hold back and will block a shot with any part of his body including his head.

Best Rookie : Simeon Varlamov

There are obviously lots of choices for this award. Guys like Oskar Osala, Mathieu Perrault, and Francois Bouchard all deserve consideration. But without Varly this team might be fighting for a playoff spot instead of fighting for first.

Best Game : Season Opener, October 8 in Wilkes-Barre

Again there are numerous choices for this including the 2 9-0 games but I think this game set the tone for the season. For the most part this team is the same as it was then when they won 8-4. Struggles still exist on the penalty kill but when healthy the power play is very good. This game set the expectations for the season.

Game we'd like to forget : Jan 11 in Wilkes-Barre

I was originally going to say the game in Hamilton but I think this takes the cake. To go up to Wilkes-Barre after a loss and basically suck for 2 periods is unacceptable. This wasn't a hard fought game that another team outplayed Hershey it was a beat down from a lessor opponent. Hopefully these games change against the Pens soon.

Check back tomorrow as I will have a "what's ahead for 09" post.


Lauren said...

I just want to say being greg amadio's cousin i really appreciate what you have said and so does the rest of our family. so thanks and keep on writing great things!

GM said...

No problem. Ammo has been a real asset to the Bears this season. I wasn't sure what kind of player the team was getting when he first signed but I have been very impressed with his play and what he means to this team. He plays his best every night no matter what the circumstances. And he is always willing to stand up for a teammate.