Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Win is a Win

I didn't see or hear any of last nights game so I won't tell you how the team looked or anything like that.

But judging from the write up in the Patriot and looking at the scoresheet I would say that this wasn't a game to get too excited about.

The good part of the game is that Hershey managed to come from behind 2 different times and ended up winning it late in the third. That hasn't happened in a while.

My biggest concern was that they didn't get their first shot of the game until Bourque's goal almost 13 minutes into the first. Not sure if it was a lack of timing or effort but for whatever reason they didn't generate much pressure for the first period. After that though they seemed to have woken up and started firing shots again since they finished with 29.

Like I said I didn't see it so maybe it was just bad luck that they didn't get many shots. If you had any opinions or thoughts on their performance please leave them in the comments.

But a win is a win no matter how it comes. Hopefully the Bears can build on this good come from behind road win and get a few more this weekend.

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Grippit said...

Bears still need better back check commitment especially from MAG line. D pinch at inopportune moments or take some shifts off like the first one where Syracuse easily banged home the loss puck after Machesny made the initial save on Frischmon who blew around Helmer & crashed the net. Lots of perimeter passing & boards play from Hershey in the Syracuse end but not until Giroux & Gordon drove to the middle for scoring chances did it pay off. Syracuse got a lucky bounce off the back glass on their second coal but otherwise Machesny was solid. Must be tough getting 5 - 6 shots a period & those either come on a PP or odd man rush which Bears give up frequently.