Friday, May 7, 2010

2 weeks with no Bears hockey.....

Well the first couple games of the Eastern Conference Finals have been set....well the game dates have been set. The opponent will be known tonight or tomorrow night as the Manchester Monarchs are up 3 games to 2 over the Worcester Sharks with game 6 tonight and 7 tomorrow night if necessary.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals will be Wednesday night with game 2 scheduled for Saturday.

The question is...why wait so long for the games to start?

Hershey hasn't played since Thursday the 29th and there is sure to be some rust come Wednesday night. I mean in theory there would still be rust on Sunday or Monday but at least the opposition would be tired.

If Manchester were to win tonight the series COULD start Sunday night with game 2 Tuesday/Wednesday. Instead Hershey wants to make as much money as possible and is giving the opposition a chance to rest for a few days.

Now there are other factors that would have played into this decision....
  1. Starting the series this way means that game 5 (if necessary) will probably be around the 21st which is another weekend game for Hershey.
  2. The Western Conference finals won't be starting until about the same time so by delaying this round it keeps the Calder Cup Finals on a better schedule.
But I still think they could have started the series Monday with game 2 Thursday and still reached some of their goals.

Either way the dates are finally set. We will actually see hockey again in Hershey this season and I for one am seriously hyped.

If you are scoreboard watching....
  • Worcester @ Manchester - 7:30 tonight
  • Chicago @ Texas - 8:30 tonight (series tied 2-2)
  • Manchester @ Worcester - 7:05 tomorrow (if Worcester wins tonight)
  • Hamilton @ Abbotsford - 10:00 tomorrow (series tied 2-2)


SteckelFan39 said...

The reason I heard the series didn't start until Wednesday is the Manchester building was not available until Monday anyway. So even if it hard started earlier, there would have been a long delay after that.

GM said...

Fair enough. I didn't check to see about building availability.

BUT one thing I would say is that Hershey announced games 1/2 before knowing their opponent. I would still rather have seen Hershey play either team only 2 days after their series ended so they didn't have time to rest.