Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bears take 2-0 series lead in overtime

Let's clear this up now...was it a goal?

Yes it was. I unfortunately was unable to attend the game last night but managed to see the end of the game online and the one replay was perfect. That puck was absolutely across the line prior to the net coming off. But just barely. Remember it isn't when the puck hits the net but rather when it crosses the goal line.

Here you be the judge....

And according to the AHL rule book it honestly wouldn't have mattered. The referee is permitted to allow the goal even if the goal is off.

For the 7th time in 11 postseason games the Hershey Bears came from behind in the third period to win the game. Last night Manchester played very good hockey. Some timely saves by Neuvirth helped the Bears stay in the game and eventually win.

I didn't think Hershey did as good a job last night as they did Wednesday as far as getting in Bernier's way and crease.

That might have had something to do with Andrew Gordon leaving due to injury in the 1st period but still there are other players who can do that.

Obviously I am not a coach so I don't know what happens in practice BUT out of all the players on Hershey's roster, WHY would Boyd Kane be selected to take Gordo's spot on the top line?

Nothing against Kane, great player, great leader, and definitely talented. But let's be honest, he isn't fast and he isn't a prominent goal scorer. Obviously you don't break up the Perry, Bouch, and Bourque line so that eliminates 3 guys. And while Andrew Joudrey is an amazing player he is even less of a scorer so he is out. But that leaves 4 other players that I would rather see on the first line...Beagle, Wilson, Rome, or (my personal favorite) Pinner.

Steve Pinizzotto has come to play in this series. He has 2 goals, a fight, and loads of hustle. He is a better offensive weapon than many people realize and he would be PERFECT for the top line if Gordo can't go. He is a pest who can score. You put him on the first line and let him play his game and the Monarchs will pay more attention to him allowing for more open ice for Giroux and Coiner.

That being said, making a change mid game due to injury I can see Kane getting the spot due to him being there before and being able to play multiple styles. But heading into Monday's game, if Gordo can't go (listed at day to day which can mean anything in the playoffs) then I hope to see Pinner take his spot.

Hershey has placed the Monarchs squarely on the chopping block now. The next 3 games come in New Hampshire which is surely a benefit for the Monarchs but Hershey is guaranteed another home game. Whether it is this series or the next Hershey will play in the GC again this spring.

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