Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Caps previews, League news, Other thoughts

If you are here looking for Preview #1 of the Bears/Checkers series you can scroll down the page or click here to see the preview now.

Okay well I did not intend to post again before tomorrow's Preview #2 discussing some of the players we will see over the next 4-7 games.  But then I found all these interesting links and wanted to share!

First of all, the NHL playoffs begin tonight.  That includes the Caps.  If you are excited about the Caps chances this year and are looking for some good series previews I encourage you to check out some of these links.  They are all worth the read and will get you ready for game 1 tonight.

Capitals/Rangers: Breaking Down the Match-up (Japers Rink)

Another Rematch with Another Old Rival (On Frozen Blog)

The "E" Word (Dump 'n Chase)

Sweet are the uses of adversity – Duke Senior (Chirps from the Ledge)


Now that you are hyped for the Caps series lets return to the AHL and get you hyped for the Bears if you weren't already.

The following image was created by the folks at Chasing Checkers, a Charlotte Checkers blog.  They did their series preview post (view here) and this was the image they created for the post...

It's just not right.  How much would you love to see that 4 game sweep now?!?  LET'S GO BEARS!!!
Now on to some frustrating news.  In my opinion anyways. 
Last year Hershey won 60 regular season games.  A record.
This season Hershey drew 392,005 fans.  A record.
Hershey won 32 playoff games the last 2 seasons.  A record.
Those might stand a while.  The AHL's Board of Directors announced today some schedule changes for the AHL beginning next season.
1.  76 game regular season.
2.  Longer season by days (one week added).
3.  First round becomes 5 games instead of 7.
I have nothing against a shorter season for the most part.  The league cited the wear and tear on prospects for the reasoning and I think it is fair.  But no team will win 60 and (more than likely) no team will draw 390,000+ fans in 2 less home games.
The reason for lengthening the season is to eliminate ALL 4 in 5's.  So no more Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun weekends for next season.  Obviously that is better for the players but the 4 in 5 surrounding Thanksgiving was always fun.  In the end this will surely lead to better hockey, fewer injuries, and better development for the young guys.
The final item is the one that bothers me the most.  7 game series are the ONLY WAY IT SHOULD BE!  Period.  I can see shortening the regular season (as far as number of games) but shortening the playoffs too?  I know I's only 2 games.  But...its ONLY 2 GAMES! 
I am sure these changes will seem insignificant down the road but for now they offer both positives and negatives in my eyes. 

Here is the article discussing the moves.
Now back to the good news.
Sweetest Hockey on Earth is welcoming all Bears fans to their tailgate on Sunday afternoon.   They will be near light post 96 starting at 2pm (unless it rains in which case it is cancelled).  Sounds like a good time that I intend to check out.
Check back tomorrow for more series previews!! 

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Chasing Checkers said...

No hard feelings I hope for the little graphic we created at Chasing Checkers... it was all in good fun, I promise!

I agree totally about the playoffs though for next years schedule. Five games series are a JOKE. I can't believe the AHL is doing this.