Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nycholat's eligibilty

Got a question on yesterday's post about how Nycholat could be eligible for the postseason despite not showing up on Hershey's clear day list.

Since I am sure others have the same question I will answer it in this post. 

I am 99% sure I have this right but if I don't someone please correct me...

Lawrence Nycholat would be eligible to replace any player on Hershey's clear day list that is on recall and/or out with an injury.  You can view Hershey's clear day roster (and the rest of the AHL teams) here.

Some players on the list are nursing minor injuries...Zach Miscovic and Mathieu Perreault (not certain the severity there).  I am sure there are others nursing injuries as well.

But the name to keep in mind right now is Sean Collins.  Collins remains on recall to Washington and does not appear to be on his way back soon. 

So...Nycholat would replace Collins on the roster until he came back.  Once he comes back an injured player could be moved off the roster and Nycholat on.

All players are dealing with injuries at this point.  It just depends on the extent or severity of the injury.  And that is up to Hershey to decide.  Meaning that if a player who isn't playing, like David de Kastrozza, has a minor ankle injury when Collins returns...that might become a bit more severe and unplayable at that point.

Any way you look at it I expect Lawrence Nycholat to be in the lineup for some (not all) of the Bears games.  Hershey still has the veteran limit to consider for these games.  And it will be a tough call for which player sits.  Honestly...I think Nycholat sits most games but he would be there in case of injury to another veteran.

Hopefully that answers the question.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. I really enjoy reading your blog! And GO BEARS!!! :)