Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Sign Qualifying Offers....Mayor Leaves Town

Honestly it is a sad day in Bears country. Dean Arsene, the Mayor, has moved on to (for his sake hopefully) greener pastures. He wanted and received a 2-way AHL/NHL deal....unfortunately that deal came from Edmonton not Washington.

You had to know that he wasn't going to get a 2-way deal from Washington as they have a plethora of defensemen in the stables and Deano wasn't going to get called up. So for him this is definitely an opportunistic move but it leaves the Bears without their heart and soul. Sure Bryan Helmer wore the 'C' on his chest last season but anyone who watched the team and watched the interaction knew that Deano was someone the guys rallied around.

This team will obviously be okay...all teams are....although I think Deano was a big reason that Hershey has played in 3 of the last 4 Calder Cup finals...he will be tough to replace.

And maybe even more importantly....who is going to choose the pregame music now? Deano was in charge of that for the past few who?

In more inspiring and exciting news 3 08-09 Bears will remain in the organization this season. Kyle Wilson, Chris Bourque, and Steve Pinizzotto all signed their offers (Pinner signed for 2) before the deadline yesterday.

The only to surprise me was Bourque but you have to figure he isn't going to be happy in Hershey another season. I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't used as trade bait at some point this summer although really the Caps have filled their 2 biggest needs (right wing, 2nd line center). What else is needed? Other then some depth I think this team is okay although getting rid of Nylander would be a nice treat.

So now the attention goes to who to add. I will have an updated (projected roster) after the weekend and then we can all speculate from there.

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