Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Helmer back for 09-10

Like the Darren Reid signing this doesn't surprise me one bit. With all the youth on the blue line and the loss of Dean Arsene I was expecting this signing.

Helmer was the Hershey captain last season and it would be expected will be the captain again this season. Looking at the 09-10 preview this gives the Bears 10 defensemen (including either Carlson or Alzner but not both). 10 is too many. And you could possibly see both Alzner and Carlson depending on what happens in Washington during camp and the season. Hershey will keep 8 defensemen on the roster (and just scratch 2) each game in my opinion.

But who does that leave out?

Probably Josh Godfrey and Victor Dovgan UNLESS those 2 have really developed and passed Collins or McNeill. Miscovic could also play in South Carolina.

The other question is where Finley lines up. If they put him at wing that makes it a little easier to fit all the defensemen in considering there WILL be injuries and call ups throughout the year.

Any way you look at the defense looks pretty good. If Alzner and/or Carlson play in Hershey things will be looking really good.

just a note....Walton said, on the Old Barn Hockey Show, that Grant McNeill is getting close to re-signing. AND (to my surprise) he said Alexander Giroux COULD be back and we MIGHT know by next week!!

Keep checking in.

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