Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Luck Graham...Welcome Back Boyd!

Well this is kind of surprising in my opinion. Not Graham Mink that I expected IF he could get a 2-way contract and a real shot at the NHL. Which he is going to get in Florida.

No I am surprised because as I understand it the Capitals were unwilling to give Minker a 2-way contract and yet they gave one to Boyd Kane?

Not saying Kane isn't deserving but I would think Minker was more of what the Caps needed. They need (at least before Knuble) a solid right wing would wasn't afraid of the front of the net. Kane is a left wing and he isn't a goal scorer. He has 45 in his past 3 seasons....Mink had 32 last year alone.

Either way it is a good move for the Bears and Caps (in a way). By signing Kane you are bringing in a proven leader who will play on the 3rd or 4th lines (and limited power play time) which will allow the younger players some top line time.

Some speculate that this move means the Caps are definitely looking to keep Quintin Laing in Washington. Because Kane and Lainger play the same position and a very similar game I think it makes sense if that is their intention. But if both players are staying in Hershey....the offense will suffer.

In other news the Caps signed free agent center Brendan Morrison the other day. This signing is expected to fill the whole currently at the #2 center position. Only time will tell if Morrison can provide enough scoring to fill that role but I think it is a substantial downgrade from Sergei Federov.

It does however suggest that Keith Aucoin, if he clears waivers, will probably be back in Hershey next season. And I doubt he will be very happy about it. Coiner could still make the Caps as the 3rd line center but with Steckel and Gordon both expected to play center that leaves an odd man out...Aucoin.

Only time will tell how these moves will impact both teams next season. Mink's departure could lead the way for some other (younger) talent a chance on the team (Kugryshev??).

This upcoming week should answer a few questions as to which prospects MIGHT be ready to make the jump. Check back here for updates this week and also check out some of the Capitals links in the sidebar. Most of those blogs will be attending the week long Developmental Camp and will surely be giving their analysis along the way.


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