Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Schedule Notes....

Just saw this over at Walton's blog...head on over to read the whole piece.

The Bears will play the Baby Pens 12 times this season! And they will play 4 games against Manitoba (although if you notice below two of the Moose top players are moving on).

Also of note...Bridgeport has moved to the Atlantic Division and Syracuse has moved to the East division. Looking at last years standings and going based on that says that the move should work in Hershey's favor. Syracuse missed the playoffs (but had 88 points) while Bridgeport finished 2nd behind the Bears.

Not that it really means much because of the massive roster turnover but it at least gives an impression that the East might not be as competitive next season.

Lots of movement lately amongst AHL talent including Krog back to Chicago (or Atlanta) and Jason Jaffray headed to Abbotsford. Darren Haydar is headed to Lake Erie, as are former Bears Matt Hendricks and Brian Willsie. Pascal Pelletier could be headed to Syracuse in Hershey's division this season. I also saw Jeff Taffe is headed to the Rochester Americans (or Florida). Plenty more to come I am sure.

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