Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bourque a Penguin

Chris Bourque did not clear waivers today and instead will now be a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In my personal opinion the Capitals must have felt that Bourque was not going to stick with the club so they just let him go. They had to know that it was likely he would get claimed by someone.

The Bears won't likely see Bourque in Wilkes-Barre as he would have to clear waivers again and I don't think he would although if Pittsburgh claimed him then a lot of teams passed on the diminutive winger.

There are surely lots of fans in Hershey who are glad he is gone. He didn't seem to be too well liked by many of the fans due to some reason or another but he was a talented hard working player who will be missed by the Bears.

His time in Washington was probably limited when Fleischmann returns from injury but everyone figured he would get a couple weeks to prove himself. Apparently the Caps were figuring that there COULD POSSIBLY be more talented and useful players put through waivers.

Not sure what to make of the entire situation but good luck to Chris Bourque, hopefully he makes it in Pittsburgh and stays in the NHL.


Icarus said...

I wish him luck with the Penguins.

Glad I got him to sign my 05/06 Bears photo last Saturday at the Capitals Convention!

tfirey said...

I'm very disappointed with the news. I really liked Bourque's play with Hershey and he showed great energy in his limited time down here with the big club. I suspect the Caps had a deal in place to move Nylander and thus free cap space for Bourque (and other players), but the deal has hit obstacles.