Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camp is here already

It feels like only a few weeks ago the Bears were flying home from Manitoba with a new piece of hardware.

Talk about a short offseason....87 days off!

The Caps rookie camp began yesterday down in Virginia and there are plenty of expected Bears and hopeful Bears taking part. For a full roster click here but these are the names Bears fans should expect to hear sometime this season or next:

  • Joel Broda - probably going to spend another year in juniors but expect him in Hershey for 10-11
  • Trevor Bruess - potentially a Bear this season, if not he will be a top call up from SC
  • Stefan Della-Rovere - is not eligible for Hershey this season but will probably be back for 10-11
  • Michael Dubuc - great offensive talent is probably looking at another year in SC
  • Joe Finley - moved to LW which could mean a season in SC to get used to the position
  • Anton Gustaffson - 1st round pick is going to fight for time in Hershey, could get it
  • Jake Hauswirth - big power forward probably on outside looking in for Hershey
  • Dmitri Kugryshev - apparently out of shape for camp, probably headed back to juniors
  • John Carlson - not going to see him in 10-11 but he could be back in Hershey for this season
  • Josh Godfrey - deep defensive core could put him back in SC for another season
  • Eric Mestery - probably headed back to juniors but could see him in 10-11
  • Zach Miscovic - going to fight for playing time in Hershey this season
  • Braden Holtby - originally was going to back up Neuvy in Hershey, now looking at time in SC
  • Michal Neuvirth - will either start in Hershey or back up in Washington
  • Simeon Varlamov - will either start in Hershey or in Washington

Those are the players you should know now. There are others obviously (23 players total at camp) but they are more fill ins and future prospects.

I think Neuvy has a CHANCE (small but still a chance) to unseat Varly in Washington which in my opinion would mean Varly returns to the A while Theodore and Neuvy play in Washington. BUT Neuvy would have to have the camp of his life to do that.

The Bears roster is so deep that many of the top prospects are probably headed for South Carolina at least for a while. It is absolutely sick to look at the potential roster and realize how much talent is legitimately there for another run at a cup.

On my list for what I expect to be a 25 man roster (2 G, 8/9 D, 14/15 F) I have 3 goalies, 11 defensemen, and a ridiculous 22 forwards that COULD play in the AHL this season.

What I am trying to say is.....South Carolina fans....expect another very talented group!

Check back tomorrow as I take a look at some potential roster combinations. I will be back regularly now that the season is almost here.

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SteckelFan2039 said...

I think the 2 barometers of really how deep Hershey will be this year are Dubuc and Godfrey. They both played nearly well enough to make the team last year, and have had another year to mature and develop. They are ready, just a matter of space I think.