Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Roster Spots Open in Caps Camp

I have mentioned before players that I think can make the Caps out of camp and have also explained why it will be tough for them.

Well it got a little easier for one player earlier this week....

Chris Bourque in my mind is now a Cap who has to get beaten out for the position after Tomas Fleischmann was listed as out until sometime in October due to a blod clot in his leg.

Sure a player like Alexandre Giroux COULD beat out Bourque for the spot but I doubt it.

Assuming Fehr does not start the season in Washington (or healthy) then there is another spot open on the roster. Currently (without Fehr and Flash) the Caps have 11 forward spots locked down with players from last season including Nylander. I definitely expect the Caps to keep 13 forwards IF they can stay under the cap.

I know the Caps want to move Nylander but they are going to struggle to do so with his contract. So assuming he is still in Washington I would say that there are 3 players vying for the 2 open forward spots:
  • Chris Bourque
  • Alexandre Giroux
  • Quintin Laing
In my opinion Bourque and Laing are the front runners for those spots. But I would love to see Giroux get his chance to play in the NHL on a 2nd line and get power play minutes. We will see.

At the other end of the ice it appears both Alzner and Carlson could be heading back to Hershey to start the season. Unless there is a trade or injury to one of the defensemen the Caps already have 7 guys back from last season. And Boudreau had this to say about the defensive battle:

"I don't know what he has to do. I don't want to sound like an idiot, but he's got to wow us. You look at the seven that have been here for the better part of two years, somebody's really got to beat them out of a job. I liken it to a championship fight: When you come to the 15th round, you either knock him out or you go to decision. And if you go to decision, usually the champion gets the call."

He was talking about Alzner chances in that response but I think you could lump Carlson into that discussion too.

Camp is going well and if you are looking for daily updates and news definitely check out Capitals Insider on a daily basis. They have lots of good updates and information from the practices.

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