Thursday, September 24, 2009

Took In Practice This Morning...

I went down to Hershey to check out practice this morning. After yesterday's cuts there were enough guys where French could do a legitimate scrimmage session. Talking to the guy next to me he said that was the first scrimmaging he had seen this week. Good practice, high intensity and somewhat sloppy (not surprising considering first scrimmage in Hershey) from the guys as many of them are fighting for a roster spot.

It is tough to know who some of these young players are. I was close enough to hear the line announcements for the white side so I was able to get a decent look at some of those guys. The two I paid the most attention too were Jake Hauswirth and Anton Gustafsson. Other than that though there are so many faces that you don't recognize I am not going to pretend to know who they were.

Hauswirth looked good to be honest. He looks confident and skilled, might need a season in the ECHL to really be ready for full time service in Hershey but I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Hershey this season. He is listed (and played) as a center which is not exactly a barren spot on the roster this season.

As for Gustafsson, you can see the skill he has. But he seems a little more hesitant to put his neck out there and go for it. I would say that him and Hauswirth are fighting for the same place in the organization. Judging from one scrimmage (which is definitely not enough) I would say Hauswirth has the upper hand.

The two players that stood out the most during the session was Amadio and Carlson. On two separate occasions Carlson jumped in during power play drills and had some good scoring chances. And Ammo seemed to be ready to play for real. He looked good and seems ready to be the vocal leader of this team. Great to see him back this season.

I am hoping to get down to the preseason game tomorrow night to get a better look at some of the younger players and hope to have some more insight after that.

Below are some of the pictures we got.

In other news, three more players were sent to Hershey today, Andrew Gordon, Kyle Wilson, and Oskar Osala. Doubtful that any of the three play tomorrow but maybe Saturday?

That leaves 33 players in Washington meaning 10 more will be sent to Hershey (or elsewhere) before September 30. Although 2 extra could stay IF Fehr or Flash are put on IR. I would expect to see at least another handful of cuts this weekend sometime.

Now the pictures:

French coaching up the white team

Carlson jumping up on the power play....Cash made the save though

Bouchard and Bacashihua

Ammo learning more

Ammo ready for the rush

Team meeting as French went over practice slate

Pinner waiting his turn

Opening faceoff of the scrimmage

Holtby looking bored at far end

Captain Helmer

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do the bears practice at giant center? and is there a schedule for their practice sessions?