Monday, September 21, 2009

First Round of Cuts and Practice Begins

Yesterday the Capitals cut 15 players from their camp. Most (if not all) of those players will head to Hershey for the opening of Bears camp this morning in Hershey.

Those reassigned were defensemen Zach Miscovic, Patrick Wellar, Dylan Yeo, Josh Godfrey and Vladimir Denisov, forwards Boyd Kane, Michael Dubuc, Joel Broda, Joe Finley, Anton Gustafsson, Trevor Bruess, Jake Hauswirth and Ryan Jasinsky and goaltenders Todd Ford and Braden Holtby.

No real surprises there. The organization was probably hoping Anton Gustafsson would show more and make it harder to send him away but he didn't. And Boudreau basically called him out saying Perrault and Wilson were both better then him during camp and the games.

Gustafsson is in a tough place though. He is a center and while the center position was an organizational weakness a couple years ago it is now a strength. In Hershey alone you have Aucoin, Wilson, Perrault, Beagle, Joudrey, and then players like Hauswirth and Bruess. There is so much depth at center in the organization now that you have to wonder IF Gustafsson wouldn't be better off going home to Sweden for one more season.

He is going to have to impress at Bears camp if he intends to play the season in Hershey. Right now I would say he will be in South Carolina or Sweden with the intent of being in Hershey next season. Although that could change drastically IF Aucoin and or Beagle make the Caps out of camp.

Camp starts this morning in Hershey with an on ice practice from 10-11:30. Most days this week practice will be at those times. For a complete schedule click here.

All on ice practices are open to the public so if you have a job that would allow it maybe take a morning and head down to Giant Center to see this years and future years Bears teams. Keep in mind that there are still 42 players in Caps camp meaning there will be at least 19 more cuts coming this week. So of all the players in Hershey to start the week they will have to compete with around 20 more players come the end of the week.

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