Sunday, November 30, 2008

That's 9 for 8!

The Bears scored 9 last night to get them to 8 wins in a row!! And the Phantoms...well they had 13 shots in the game but none of them got by Cheese.

The Bears were up 4-0 before the Phantoms even registered a shot!

If that's not domination than I don't know what is.

I will list the scorers here:

Graham Mink (11)
Alexandre Giroux (15)
Alexandre Giroux (16)
Greg Amadio (1)
Darren Reid (1)
Greg Amadio (2)
Andrew Joudrey (1)
Quintin Laing (5)
Kyle Wilson (9)

3 players scored their first goals of the season and Amadio scored Hershey's first short handed goal of the season with his second goal.

Unfortunately Mathieu Perrault was not able to get on the score sheet and therefore his 7 game assist streak came to an end.

Referee Ryan Fraser only called 6 penalties on Hershey, 1 of which was for fighting. In turn he called 13 penalties on Philly. 2 of those were for fighting and 2 were 1o minute misconduct penalties.

In the 3rd period the Bears actually had a 7 minute power play after Garrett Klotz sucker punched Darren Reid and drew a 5 minute fighting, 2 minute instigator, and 10 minute misconduct penalty. But Reid didn't get to react, and actually left a little shaken up, so Hershey got a 2 minute minor power play and then a power play for the full 5 minute major. They would score 2 goals in that period with the extra man.

All in all a game in which Philly really didn't take part in. I am still not convinced that they even got off the bus.

My Three Stars of the Game:
  1. Greg Amadio - the defensive leader for this team right now scored twice
  2. Keith Aucoin - he had 3 primary assists for a pretty good night
  3. Andrew Joudrey - got his first of the season and assisted on 2 others

Grading the Performance:
  • Offense - A - There is no way you could lower this grade after 9 goals. And believe it or not they probably should have had about 15 as they did miss some opportunities. The rookie line didn't register a point but that just shows how deep this team truly is.
  • Defense - A - I can't lower the grade for them either. No goals and only 13 shots allowed. Although I think the shot thing had a lot to do with Philly's ineptitude as well. But only giving up 13 shots and no goals is a great performance. And don't forget that 3 of the defensemen were in the ECHL last week!
  • Goaltending - A - I would give him a lower grade because he only faced 13 shots but sometimes the fewer shots you face the tougher it is because you can't get in a rhythm. And he definitely couldn't get into a rhythm.
  • Power Play - B+ - 3 for 10 on the man advantage is good but they should have had more. But it really didn't matter and they weren't really trying really hard towards the end because of the amount they were up.
  • Penalty Kill - A - Not many chances as Philly only had 4 power plays and I think most of them were shortened ones at that.
  • Overall - A - 9 goals and 13 shots against is about as dominant as you can be in a hockey game. Not much else to say about it.



Capital Fanatic said...

Greg Amadio, get ready for a phone call if Alzner is unable to play on Tuesday.

PYLrulz said...

can anyone say pwnage?!?