Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 More Chances

Wouldn't it have been incredible had they been able to tie the game at the end??? The Giant Center might not have a roof right now if they had!

Here are a few quick thoughts:
  • It seemed as though the ice was very choppy last night. With the warm weather, almost 11,000 fans, and the high humidity definitely had an effect. Both teams struggled controlling the puck as it was bouncing around like crazy all night long. Passes would get through and then seemed to give players fits when it got to them.
  • Cory Schneider was easily the best player on the ice last night. Hershey threw everything they could at him in the first 2 periods but couldn't beat him.
  • The refereeing was interesting for lack of a better word. He let a lot of stuff go including some very obvious calls. But as long as it is the same for both teams I don't think anyone can complain. I doubt the AHL is looking for a officiating job like that though as it was NOTHING like any other game this season.
  • Andrew Gordon, Chris Bourque, and Steve Pinizzotto were the best Bears on the ice. I was unimpressed with the MAG line last night as they seemed to fight the puck more than anyone else.

The pressure now shifts to the shoulders of the Moose in my opinion. I think being up 3-0 or 3-1 makes the clinching game the hardest to win because the team trailing is leaving everything on the ice. And Manitoba surely did that last night. They left everything on the ice and no the question they have enough left for Friday?

Hershey had so much pressure on them last night that I was actually expecting to see an early Manitoba goal but even with the pressure Hershey outplayed Manitoba for most of the game. If it wasn't for a 1 minute stretch in the second the outcome likely would have been different.

I have to say this...I have said a few things about the fans on here and while there are always going to be fans that think they know what the players should be doing I have to give everyone some credit.....

Anytime you watch a game for any sport and the visiting team scores you typically here the crowd get very quiet....except in Hershey. It was very encouraging to see (hear) the Let's Go Bears chant right after the goals. Even after the 2nd goal the crowd stayed behind the team. It was a very impressive act in my opinion.

In case you haven't heard Game 6 will be televised by WHTM 27. However it will NOT be on their main channel so many of us will not get the game on TV. Personally I live in York County and do not have Comcast or Verizon which means that I do not get the game.

But as luck would have it we have options...

Giant Center WILL show the game on the scoreboard screens Friday night. If you are a season ticket holder you can get in at 715 and choose your seats and if you are a non season ticket fan you can get in at 730. Parking is free, admission is free, and some concession stands WILL be open.

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