Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Fun Night in Hershey

Well that was fun last night. But I have one question.....what was in the cups??

(Oh and if you are looking for me I am on the front page of the sports section, on the left, maroon hat with sunglasses on the was a good view from my spot and I have some more pictures that I will put up sometime soon, unfortunately they were kind of blurry cause I suck at picture taking)

It was great to see the Calder Cup and be able to hold it and touch it as it was passed around from fan to fan.

It was great to see all the players together, relaxed, and freshly shaved.

It was great to see YOUR 2009 CALDER CUP CHAMPIONS one more time!!

This team was destined to be here. I have to agree with something Yingst said last night....with the team they had the end result was Calder Cup or failure. Not sure if I said this before but personally I just expected them to get to this point. The playoffs just seemed like a formality until the finals...even the Wilkes Barre series seemed to be just another series for this team.

I haven't been able to find the words on what this Championship means so my post was kind of short yesterday and honestly I still don't have the words.

I have followed many teams but I have never followed a team as closely as I did this one. It is special to see them win the Cup.

But now it is on to next season. I have already begun thinking about what this team will look like next season. Hell even the captain Bryan Helmer has as he pretty much begged Yingst to bring him back next season. And Yingst kind of begged for Giroux to come back next year too.

Any way you look at it this team will look different next season.

But always remember this.....

"We don't hang up division championships. We don't hang up conference championships. The only thing you're going to see hanging are championships."


SteckelFan2039 said...

I remember back in September, after the Caps rookie camp, looking at what this roster would look like, and thinking, wow, they are loaded! And I had extremely high expectations ever since. I think getting to the finals would have been sufficient (or at least depending on how they played) because Manitoba is a very good team with good defense, so anything can happen in a 7 game series. But this team fulfilled all of those expectations and did so by playing incredible hockey throughout the playoffs. They simply were the best team. As far as next year, it will be interesting to see what happens, and how different this team looks. A lot obviously depends on what the Caps do/don't do. But I think there will be enough familiar veteran faces around to make talk of repeating reasonable.

GM said...

I agree with you on this years team. I finals loss would have been hard to take but this team had to make it at least far to be considered a true success.

Talk of repeating will always happen and we all need to remember that the 06-07 team looked very different then the 05-06 team but they still made the finals. I think you will definitely see players like Mink back next season. The real questions and answers will come after the developmental camp and which prospects Washington wants in Hershey.