Friday, June 12, 2009

Must Win for Hershey??

I guess it isn't technically a must win for the Bears tonight but it kind of feels that way. If Manitoba is somehow able to pull out the W then the Bears would have to play a game 7 against a team with a lot of confidence and momentum at their home rink. I am not sure I would be able to sit down for any of that game.

Hell I might not sit down for tonight's game!

Coach Woods made mention of it the other day in the newspaper....the pressure has shifted to the Moose. Tuesday's game 6 had all the pressure on the Bears. Manitoba was able to come out and leave everything on the ice without really worrying about if they would win or not. Sure if they lost they would be done but they weren't expected to win and it wouldn't have surprised anyone if they would have lost.

When you are down 3-1 or 3-0 there is not much hope for you. Most people figure it is just a matter of time but when you are down 3-2 everyone starts to do the math....only 2 games left...we have won 2 games in a row many times. Add to that the games being in Manitoba and the Moose are almost expected to win the next 2.

They were the higher seed, best defensive team in the league during the season, have 2 home games remaining, and won the last game in Hershey.

Hershey still has the pressure of being up and this game can clinch but I think being down by 1 game like the Moose are will cause them to push a little harder and possibly make some mistakes.

Either way it will be a very good game tonight in Winnipeg. If you are heading down to the GC to watch the game enjoy yourselves. I will be at a friends house with food and drink watching to see if Hershey can claim their 10th Calder Cup.



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