Friday, June 19, 2009

Sloan and Collins resigned

Apparently the information I had gathered in the past couple days was incorrect because both things I found had Sloan and Collins already signed for next season.

BUT both were officially signed yesterday, Collins for 2 years and Sloan for 1. Either way they are back for this upcoming season.

I am okay with these signings. Sloan had some struggles mainly because he jumps in to liberally and he struggles in my opinion moving the puck behind the net but he had an okay season. The Caps obviously think highly of him as he spent more time in the NHL then any other defensemen from Hershey not name Karl.

Sean Collins was very steady all season I thought. He got caught up in a numbers game in the playoffs as he is a puck moving d-man and there were already many of them in the lineup. His game is much like Bryan Helmer's and I think he could be a top pair kind of player this upcoming season.

I am going to be keeping a running roster of goalies, defensemen, forwards, and prospects in the sidebar to the right. I hope to have it up today or tomorrow. If you see something that you think is an error PLEASE leave a comment somewhere or email me.

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HBH240 said...

I believe you were correct in your original assumption that Sloan and Collins were both already on board for next season. From what I understand, the news on Sloan and Collins signing again are actually contract extensions. Not sure if it is true or not, but that's what I hear.

I don't know whether this site is considered reputable, but take a look:

It hasn't been updated (obviously because they don't have anything for Laing under 09-10) but you can see in both Sloan's and Collins' columns, that they were already supposed to be back. That is, IF I'm reading this thing right. HaHa. Hope it helps!