Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bears Need 'Great Depth' To Help

I have been reading all about Hershey's supreme depth over the past few days as one reason why they will beat the Moose. While I agree that during the season and in previous rounds their depth was a big plus I haven't seen it yet in this series.

In Game 2 the Bears looked tired at the end of the game. You could see it in the way some of them were skating and how they weren't giving it their all at the end of the game. So the depth really didn't play into the game too much in that game.

The other BIG problem with the so called depth is there is currently no scoring help for Giroux. The Bears have scored 6 goals in the series and he has 4 of them. And Osala has the other 2 so I wouldn't say there is any scoring depth right now.

Guys like Bourque, Gordon, Mink, and Wilson need to start producing soon because Giroux can not win this series by himself.

That being said I am giving you 2 players to watch for Hershey tonight. I feel like they are going to produce and I think tonight is the night.
  • Chris Bourque - has played very well just hasn't gotten the puck in the net as of yet. He has been close though and I think a goal is coming least 1.
  • Keith Aucoin - in each of the first two games Coiner actually shot the puck on odd man rushes which is a big change from the usual. I think he is due to put on in the back of the net...let's hope it comes tonight.

Just a thought 07 the Bears had home ice against Hamilton and lost game 1 but won game 2 before losing 3 straight on the road as the fighting Carey Price's won the cup that year. Sure there isn't a dominant goalie this season like then but Manitoba lost game 1, won game 2, could they lose the next 3 on the road to the fighting Giroux's??

I sure hope so!


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